Sunday, March 15, 2015

Kaweco Paradise Blue Review

Sometimes ink companies get the name of their ink wrong. Such as Montverde Purple, which is actually a bright pink. I personally feel like Kaweco made an error in the naming of Paradise Blue. This ink does not invoke thoughts of sitting on a beach and staring out into a bright blue ocean, which I feel like is what Kaweco is going for. Instead this ink immediately made me think of winter and ice. I think "Icy Blue" would have made an awesome name for this ink, but that even if the name may be off that doesn't effect the attributes of the ink. The icy blue that this ink is isn't really for me, I much prefer richer blues. Although I don't much love the color, all other attributes seem to be very good. I like this ink, but I wouldn't say I love it. If you like this color than I would highly suggest the ink, but if the winter blue isn't for you then I would stay away. On to the pics!

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