Friday, January 9, 2015

Visconti Rembrandt Review

So I had on of my good freinds over on instagram, his username is fountainpens._, to write me up a review of the Rembrandt for everyone. So here it is.

Visconti Rembrandt Review

Initial Thoughts- I was given this pen as a gift and my first thoughts were just amazing and it completely took my breath away! the boxing is the standard Visconti housing with the plastic sleeve then the fake leather box where the cartridge and pen come, along with the glossy brochure!

Score: 10/10

Appearance- I love the nice orange that comes along with some dark spots but it gives the pen character. The section is stainless steel along with the nib. The body is an orange celluloid. The cap features Visconti’s ‘My Pen’ system where you can interchange the Visconti logo with your zodiac sign, a gemstone or whatever else Visconti offers. The cap also includes Visconti’s patented spring- loaded clip with the Visconti emblem.

Score: 10/10

 Weight and Dimensions— Below I pulled up a couple of measurements from an online forum:

Overall size - 140mm x 15mm
Body -  125mm x 13mm
Cap - 65mm x 15mm
Weight- 30g

For me this feels like a perfect match because of the nice width that feels comforting around my hands and after I have finished using it, it doesn’t feel like I’ve just finished using a thin little pen that makes my hands ache! For some people this might be massive.

Score: 9.8/10

Writing Experience — This is a JOY to write with! it always feels like I barely need to apply any pressure to let the ink cascade across the page! This is one of my most expensive pens and it for sure was definitely worth the money! I currently have the Visconti Stainless Steel Fine nib. I have no complaints about it!

Score: 10/10

Filling system — The Rembrandt is a cartridge converter pen and it comes with a converter. it’s pleasant but there is nothing really to say about it!

Score: 9/10

Price and Value — The pen was one hundred GBP but I’m not sure about the USA or Canada or anywhere else. This pen is for sure worth the money!

Overall — Great pen for its value and I would rate it 9.679/ 10.000

And here a few photos he had taken of the pen.

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  1. That's a lovely matching colour cover you seem to have for the pen. Could you tell me where you got the cover from?