Monday, January 5, 2015

97₵ 1 Subject Notebook From Walmart Review

First off sorry for the poor titling of the review, but this paper really has no naming or branding on it, so I am doing the best I can and I will add pictures of the cover in the blog. 

     Being a student I blow through paper like no ones business, and I cannot afford to get 10$ notebooks online every few weeks. Thankfully for everyone I have found a solution! The notebook cost 97₵, and it was actually on sale when I got mine so it was only 50₵, and it has 100 pages of white, college ruled, and perforated sheets of paper. There is no marking that let you know exactly how heavy the paper is, but it feels around 65-75 gsm to me, but that is all from feel. The cover feels quite durable to me and the notebook I bought back in August still is fully intact. It comes with a thick piece of paper in the front of the book with a pocket on both sides of it. While I am sure all of that is very interesting to everyone (not), lets get onto how it actually performs. This paper is absolutely perfect for everyday writing and note taking. There is absolutely NO feathering from anything I could through at it, and while I didn't really have a pen that could really dump it on, a couple of those pens weren't exactly dry. Now on to the other major anti-Fountain Pen Friendly attribute that paper can have, bleed through. Again I would give this paper full marks, no bleeding through at all. Since the paper is relatively thin, there is a bit of show through, but you could still easily use both sides of the sheet without an issue, so you actually get 200 pages :D. The smoothness of the pen can be compared to Rhodia, it gives a little feedback but is still a pleasure to write with. While, of course, there is still a place for papers like Rhodia/Clairefontaine/Tomoe River, being able to get paper that works extremely well for only 50 cents just cannot be beat. 
In the pictures I tried to add not just Fountain Pens but also whatever pens I had next to me, for some variety. And in the word "Thanks" the thing that looks like feathering in the letter "n" is not feathering, the pen just stopped working for a second so I had to rewrite the letter. 
And now for pictures of the writing. 

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