Saturday, January 10, 2015

Pelikan Edelstein Topaz Review

Pen - Kaweco Sport classic (converted to eyedropper) Medium Nib
Paper - Clairefontaine 90gsm
So as you may know from my past reviews of Edelstine inks, I really like them. This ink is not exactly one that I would have thought I would enjoy. I normally go for higher saturated blues, instead of the more "turquoisey" ones, like Topaz. But this ink really is a good one. It is light and fun, but still easily readable. It was extremly well behaved on Clairefontaine paper, and was very controlable on some cheaper papers as well. It is also capable of having a red sheen, but you really nib to dump it on there for it to be visible. Waterproofs was very poor, which is a trend for this brand, but that doesn't bother me so bad. The only real gripe I have with the ink is its lofty price, but it will definitly not persuade me away from getting a few samples of it every know and then. I would suggest picking up as well, it is a superb ink. And now for the pictures, enjoy :)

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