Sunday, January 18, 2015

Ink-Sane Sunday #1 Private Reserve Electric DC Blue

J.Herbin Stormy Grey got me started on a search for the perfect sheeny ink. While SG sheens like no ones business, I feel like it is cheating when it comes to sheen, because it has metal particles in it and it is not actually a property of the ink. I think I hit a home run with this ink though. I love dark saturated blues with a little shading, and DC Blue is exactly that. The Ink has no feathering, bleed through, or any major issues on my Clairfontaine paper or my 97 cent Walmart paper. The one issue I have had is that it will smudge is you get sweaty hands when you write, which I do. While it does have some smudge problems, I think everything this ink offers is worth having to be slightly more careful when you write. The sheen on the ink is a little more elusive than I expected. I wasn't able to get any to show up on my Clariefontaine paper, and the sheen that was on other papers was subdued yet still stunning. This is now going to be my go to blue ink, and I would suggest it to any one. Now for those pics, and remember the ones with the sheen are on a different type of paper. 

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