Monday, January 5, 2015

Pilot Metropolitan

Appearance & Design (1-10) – This pen holds very true to it's name, it does indeed give off a metropolitan/utilitarian vibe to it. The sleek, cigar shaped design looks classic and very pretty stacked next to pens in price categories 10x the little metro.With a multitude of differing designs and finishes, I highly doubt you'll find someone who doesn't find at least one Metro they like. Score: 10/10
Construction & Quality (1-10) – Being in the sub $20 category the quality of the pen may come into question with this pen. With that in mind, I say this pen has flawless construction. The all metal body holds up very well to most everyday nicks and bangs. The good construction gives the pen a feeling of one much more expensive. Score 10/10
Weight & Dimensions (1-10) – This is were issues start to arise for me and this pen. The pen is not large by any means at all. The length comes in at 138mm, which isn't that bad, but the diameter and weight leave something wanting. The Diameter of the body is 13mm and the weight is 26 grams. While these numbers are not exactly bad, with it being made out of a majority of metal I wish it was a little wider and heavier. This is extremely picky of a $15 peen though, so I can't give it to bad of a score. Score 7/10
Nib & Performance (1-10) – Many People also believe that with a pen of this price, there is no way you can get a good nib, thankfully they are wrong. I went with the "medium" nib, I put medium in quotations because this is the finest medium nib I have ever seen, and I have really no complaints. Of course it is not buttery smooth, you will get a tad bit of feedback but it is the feedback that tells you that you're writing something; it is not the scratchy feedback that is annoying. But again issues do arise. The Metro is only available in a Medium and Fine nib, which can be treated as a fine and extra-fine. I am sure many of us out there would wish for Pilot to come out with a broader nib for this pen for those who like to make a statement. Score 7/10 
Filling System & Maintenance (1-10) - This is my biggest gripe with the metro, it's aerometric converter. I know pilot had to save money on this pen, and the fact that you even get a converter at this price point is amazing, but I am not a fan of the converter it came with. It holds a minuscule amount of ink, is hard to fill, and isn't clear so you have no idea how much ink you have. I am sure some people love this little converter, but I am definitely going to upgrade to one of Pilot's other converters in the future. While it is not a good filling system, you at least get something other than a cartridge with this pen, which can't be said about many other pens in the price range (and more expensive ones). Score 6/10 
Cost & Value (1-10) This pen has a few issues, but I still do not really know how pilot does this for only $15. It really is a good little writer and is undoubtedly worth the low price it is at. Score 10/10 
Conclusion (1-10) - If you do not own this pen I would highly suggest getting one. If you end up not liking it what do you lose? $15 is not a huge risk to take for what you have to gain with the metro. Many believe it is just for new guys to the FP world, but with its low cost, durability, and finer nibs this pen is perfect to use as an EDC. I would say go get one! Final Score 8.333..../10
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