Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Pelikan Edelstein Aventurine

This is an extremely surprising ink to me. I picked up a sample of it to add a new color to my collection, and I fell in love. Green pen ink really is shockingly pretty. As far as qualities go, I have seen no feathering on higher end paper (very controlled on cheaper), no bleed through on any kind of paper, the flow is good, the perfect amount of shading for everyday use, drytime was pretty quick, and it may even have a tad bit of sheen in it if you get it in a bigger nib. The only major issue with this ink is the waterproofness, which doesn't exist, and the price which it is just under 30 dollars. There a few very good green inks out there that are half the price of this one, which creates issues to me. Since it is so expensive I won't buy a bottle of it, just 2 or 3 samples every year or so. As you will be able to see, I had a tad bit of smudging in the color patch where you test flow of the ink. And now here are the pictures of how the ink performs, and I also decided to include some pictures of my Anatomy notes I had taken to see how it writes in the real world. 

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