Saturday, January 10, 2015

TWSBI Vac700 Review

A special thanks to my friend Amberleadavis on Fountain Pen Network for letting me borrow her pen for this review. Thanks Amber :)

Appearance & Design (1-10) - TWSBI always does an extremely good job with the looks of their pens. Very modern and sleek look to it, while still being reserved and calm. I love it. Score (10/10)

Construction & Quality (1-10) - Some issues I had with my Mini is that it had a few minor construction issues that lead to me feeling the pen was more fragile, no such issues are present in the Vac 700. This pen has been through quite a beating, having been shipped to multiple people and used by them all, and still  works as if it was brand new. Again no complaints here. Score 10/10

Weight & Dimensions (1-10) - So my first thought when I pulled the pen out of it's packaging was "Dear God this pen is huge." Here are the dimensions: length capped -  147mm, length uncapped - 134mm, weight 32g, and here is the big one, length posted - 175mm. That's right 175 millimeters. Just to put that into perspective a Montblanc 149 posted is 165 mm posted. This pen is definitely not messing around. The huge size feels really good in hand though, and make it feel like you are using a pen worth a lot more than just 65$. I would give this a higher ranking, but I can definitely see some people not liking it due to size, so Score 7/10.

Nib & Performance (1-10) - This nib has had some work done to it by ArtsNibs, but exactly what that work was I am not sure. The Vac700 has been historically plagued by dry nibs, and this one is not (big) exception to that rule. The nib is wet, but I would like my broads to be wetter than this. I think the nib has also been turned into a sort of stub, but also with that I get a lot of scratchiness on right strokes unless the nib is positioned correctly. But when the position is right the nib is buttery smooth and a joy to write with. Score 6/10

Filling System & Maintenance (1-10) - As the name suggest, this is a vacuum filling pen. Which is super cool. I have had no issues with the vacuum wearing out, or the anything really being wrong with the system at all. Since it is a TWSBI you can fully disassemble the pen, so this one gets full marks here. Score 10/10

Cost & Value (1-10) - I am not exactly sure what to do here. I love the pen and want one of my own now, but I just don't know if it is worth the 65$ asking price. Nothing is wrong with the pen, but I just don't think I make a connection with it. Score 6/10

Conclusion (1-10) - So the selling points of this pen are it's really cool filling system and massive size. If that attracts you than this pen is a no-brainier. All in all I really enjoy the Vac 700, but I think I will stick to the standard piston filling TWSBI's for now. Final Score 8.1666/10

And now the pictures.

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