Sunday, March 15, 2015

Kaweco Sport Classic BB Review

I have already review the body of the sport classic, and you can find that here. Now onto this BB nib!

So I was really excited about getting into some special nibs, and straying the norm of medium and fine (which is all I had used before the Kaweco shipment). This nib is not what I was expecting. It is not a very wide line at all, it is just slightly larger than medium sport that is my EDC. I feel like this is mainly contributed by how dry this pen is. It barely puts down any ink at all, which is the opposite of what a BB should do. Because of that there is hard start issues, they aren't bad at all, but they are there.  The nib has some flow issues, but it extremely smooth. This makes me feel like it has a case of "babies bottoms" (essentially over polishing the nib obstructing flow). If this pen was a wetter, I would most likely be in love. Oh well, can always send it off to get it wetter! I'll give it a 5/10 but if it was wetter I would say 8/10 easily. Here are the pictures!

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