Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Diamine Sherwood Green Review

I think green is my favorite ink color, or it would be if I could find one I really liked. I bought Sherwood Green without think about it hoping to would satisfy my inky needs, and for the most part it has. It is slightly lighter than expected, and it is a little drier than I like. It's a pretty good ink though. I wouldn't say my hunt for a perfect green is over yet, but Sherwood Green can hold me over until I am. I have to say though, this ink is the least waterproof out of any ink I have ever used. There is practically nothing left behind after water is added. Not a huge deal to me, but I know that is a major dealbreaker to some. Here are the photos!
Produces a cool sheen in the swab, but I was unable to replicate this in actual writing :(

I put some water on the section with 4 layers of ink just for fun to see if it would wash away too. It did better than expected actually

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