Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Sailor Pen and Message Cigar Review

Thanks to webgeckos on FPN for providing this sample for the review!

I have never been a huge fan of hard to obtain Japanese inks. They all look really pretty, but come at such a steep price tag that I don't find it worth the effort. I was recently asked if I would like to try out one of those hard to obtain inks, and I said sure. When I fist got the ink I was a little scared to see how it would work out. The ink is called cigar, but it looks dark green in the vial. I cut up some paper and got ready to swab up the ink, and lo and behold the ink was dark green. But after a second or two the color began to change into a beautiful khaki color. I was shocked; it was freaking awesome. I immediately filled up my Ahab with this ink to see what writing with it was like, and I was not disappointed. The color isn't quite as khaki out of the pen (and still has some green undertones), but it still looks very pretty. While the color is good, if it were identical to the color of the swab this ink would far and away be my favorite I've tried so far. Sadly the ink doesn't to amazing in a flex pen. It seems to railroad far easier than all others I have tried to this point. Cigar definitely turned me on to more Sailor inks, and hopefully they will all be as good as this one. Now for the review!

You can see the green understones, and shading here 

Not the most waterproof, but that's ok

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