Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Pilot Iroshizuku Yama Budo Review

When I first got into to fountain pens I watched a lot of Brian Goulet's videos, and because of that the first ink makers I was introduced to were Noodler's and Iroshizuku (that's pretty much all her ever uses in the videos). I really liked some of the offerings from Iroshizuku, but after I discovered the hundreds of other inks out there (which all seemed to be way cheaper), I sort of just threw the brand to the side. None of the colors every really popped to me. The other day, on an impulse buy, I picked up a bottle to see what I was really missing out on. I now understand. I don't love the color of Yama Budo, but if all of the other Iroshizuku inks behave like this then I can't wait to get more! I still don;'t many of the colors very exciting, but I would be willing to sacrifice awesome looking colors for a perfectly preforming ink. Expect to see more Iroshizuku reviews from me soon. On to the pictures!|

That beautiful Iroshizuku bottle everyone always talks about


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