Sunday, February 15, 2015

Ink-sane Sunday #6 Kaweco Summer Purple

DISCLAIMER**** This pen was provided to me by Kaweco, but I was in no way compensated for this review. All views in this review are my own, and are not influenced by anything else.

Does anyone remember the grape Popsicles that we use to get as kids? The ones with two sticks that you could break in half are the ones I am talking about. As soon as I put this ink to paper, I was brought back to simpler days where the only thing that mattered to me was trying not get melted Popsicle all over my shirt (and I was never very successful). Grape was always one of my favorite flavors, and this is one of my favorite inks. The dusty purple brings me back every time I write with it, and it just makes me happy. If I were to come at this from a purely FP related viewpoint then I would say it could use a little more saturation, but with that it would ruin the reminiscent vibe that I love so much. I am happy with all qualities of the ink, and I would implore you to give it a try. Again the price for these Kaweco inks is going to be around 46₵ a ml. On to the pictures!

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