Friday, February 13, 2015

Kaweco Sport Classic EF Nib

DISCLAIMER**** This pen was provided to me by Kaweco, but I was in no way compensated for this review. All views in this review are my own, and are not influenced by anything else.

 Since I already reviewed over all fit and finish of this pen over here  I am only going to go over how I feel about the nib in this review.
When it comes to nibs I am pretty standard guy, I like a wet medium. But I have always appreciated nibs on the extremes. So this EF nib stood out to me. It does a good job of keeping a nice tight line, that is pretty fine, and has a little spring to it (this does not mean go flexing away with this pen, just that it is responsive). I didn't get any skipping in any direction, even with fast righting. The nib is about as smooth as one can expect such a fine nib to be, and I was actually impressed with it's smoothness. It is by no means a wet writer, but I think put down a generous enough amount of ink for it's width. I would suggest sticking with darker and more saturated colors in this pen because I feel like this pen needs a dark ink to truly shine. All in all I love the pen and I would highly suggest one to others. Being such a portable and EDC type of pen the Sport is, I find it fitting that this pen has such a good EDC nib that this EF can be. With the right kind of ink you will never have to worry about writing on cheap paper again. EF nibs are not really my thing, but I would happily make an exception for this pen.

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