Sunday, February 15, 2015

Ink-sane Sunday #4 Waterman Inspired Blue (South Seas Blue)

I would have never guessed it in a million years, but I have recently fallen for turquoise inks. The lovely shading, and bright happy color that most of them offer just tick all of my marks. This one is currently my favorite. I have yet to find anything wrong with this ink. Flow is nice and wet, shading is perfect, feather/ghosting/bleedthrough is all controlled, and in the right pen the sheen is amazing. Instead of the dark red sheen seen on Private Reserve Electric DC Blue, this ink offers a bright electric and almost pink sheen to it. I am in love with this ink and will most definitely be buying a bottle. Seeing as this ink is only 11$ for 50ml, it is an amazing deal as well (around 22¢ per ml). If you have yet to try this ink out then I cannot express how much I like it, and think you should give it a try. Now for the pictures.


  1. You're right - the pinkish sheen is lovely. I've always enjoyed using Waterman inks! Thanks for the review.